New app released: ImageToPCB

Released a new app for creating both gerber and excellon files from an image and other new features. Get your files ready for manufacturing!

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How to run a jar file?

In order to run the jar file, you need to get Java Runtime Environment installed. If you do not have it already, you can download and install from the following link.

Once you have JRE installed you can open ImageToGerber just by double clicking on “ImageToGerber.jar” file.

Sometimes jar file defaults to be opened with some compression software like WinRAR or any other similar program. If that’s the case, right-click on jar file and click on “Open With”, on the following dialog choose Java as the program to use, if you can’t see it on the default list try to find file called “java.exe” browsing usually in “Program Files\Java\jreX.X.X_XXX\bin”.

How to scale gerber files?

Just open gerber file with a text editor, the first lines will be similar to this:

%FSLAX33Y33*%             –> Format specification, integer and decimal positions
%MOMM*%                      –> Units: %MOMM*% for milimeters, %MOIN% for inches
%SFA1.000B1.000*%       –> Scale factor for both axis

So, if you want to scale a file you can modify that lines.

Examples :

  • Dividing by ten :
    • Option 1: Just replace X33Y33 on format specification line to X24Y24.
    • Option 2: Change scale factor from A1.000B1.000 to A0.100B0.100
  • Scale by a fourth :
    • Change scale factor from A1.000B1.000 to A0.250B0.250

More info on Gerber File Format Specification:

New version

A new version has been released with an error fixed. In some cases file header was not properly added causing not correct opening of the file on some gerber editors.

Download it for free at sourceforge.

Download Image To Gerber Converter

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Video demonstration: Image To Gerber Conversion – Youtube


Load Image: Click here to load a new image.

WhatsThisColor : Opens a new window that shows any screen color information to fill the RGB code.

Tolerance: Tolerance value for color code. Sets the maximum difference allowed between any RGB code component and each pixel of the image for being accepted as “same” color.

UpdatePreviews: Updates image previews according to current values of tolerance and color codes.

Export Gerbers: Exports the gerber files of the enabledpreviews.